Founder’s Corner

AAPIA was founded in 2004 by Steven J. McCaffrey, CEO of Metro Public Adjustment, Inc., in order to support the efforts of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in drafting a Model Public Adjuster Act. The goal of the Act was to ensure that the rights of public adjusters and consumers were defended, and also allow public adjusters to be free from overly-burdensome regulatory restrictions.

AAPIA has become a leading professional organization, representing Public Adjusters from all over the United States and sponsoring educational, social, and networking programs throughout the year. Our website is the perfect complement to the myriad events and programs that AAPIA sponsors, and offers information on proposed and current legislation affecting public adjusters, as well as other pertinent issues, and even has a message board and social network.

As the AAPIA enters an era of growth and expansion, we are pleased to introduce what we trust will serve as an invaluable tool for public adjusters in the field to protect you from dangerous conditions that you may encounter as you perform your job.

Steven J. McCaffrey founded AAPIA in 2004
  • AAPIA wants to continue to provide this level of protection and with your membership and support we are able to continue to do so.
  • AAPIA represents all policy holders!
  • AAPIA represents Public Insurance Adjusters!
  • AAPIA' mission is to provide for its members a fair and open market place!
  • AAPIA wants you to be safe on the job!

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