Letter From The President

Dear Public Adjuster,

AAPIA was founded in 2004, with the purpose of ensuring that your rights as a public adjuster are protected in accordance with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners 2005 Model Act.

AAPIA continues to work hard for you in every state. We monitor legislation every morning; that is our daily mission for all Public Adjusters. We work hard to protect you from those who are encroaching on your business and your license. AAPIA is working with many legislators and regulators across the country to introduce legislation and regulations to stop those individuals from working as a public adjuster without a license. Please support us to allow us to continue to work hard for you by becoming a member of AAPIA.

"AAPIA is working for you, so you can work for your clients!"

As you can see, AAPIA is actively advocating for you, the Public Insurance Adjusters, but to continue to do so we need YOU, the support of our members. Please consider renewing your membership or joining AAPIA for the low monthly fee of $25, or the discounted fee of $250 per year.

Your membership with AAPIA includes:

  • Access to the latest legislative news and analysis
  • Representation with state legislators and regulators
  • Members-only videos, podcast, and presentations
  • Discounts on state-approved contracts and disclosure forms
  • Discounts on Continuing Education, where required
  • Members-only Online Community

I once was asked by a public adjuster, "Why must I concern myself with a state where I am not licensed?" My reply was, "What happens in one state may - and can - impact every other state's license law." That is why AAPIA maintains a presence in every state every day. AAPIA is working for you so you can work for your client!

Become A Member Of AAPIA!

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